What exactly is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Understanding website maintenance is crucial in today’s digital age. Think of your website as a crucial pillar of your business, charity, or organisation. Just like any significant asset, it requires regular attention and care. There are often many hidden costs of not keeping your website updated. So, let’s dive into the ins and outs of website upkeep.

The Essence of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance involves updating your site in line with evolving technologies and search engine algorithms. Did you know that Google tweaks its algorithm approximately 8 times daily? The digital landscape is in constant flux, and your website must adapt to stay relevant.

If you lack an internal team to manage these updates, it’s essential to have a reliable web agency to lean on. But a word of caution: If a web designer or developer doesn’t provide maintenance services or training, it may indicate gaps in their expertise.

Is Maintenance a Must-Have?

While not mandatory, depending on your site’s platform, maintenance is often advised. Outdated software or plugins can pose security risks, lead to glitches, and negatively impact performance.

Such technological oversights don’t just disrupt your site’s functionality. They can degrade user experience, causing search engines like Google and Bing to downgrade your site’s credibility. Especially for websites on platforms like WordPress, routine updates of software, themes, and plugins are vital for security and optimal performance.

The Price Tag of Website Upkeep

Costs vary across agencies. While some bundle maintenance with hosting, others may offer distinct packages that encompass website updates, reporting, and optimisation tasks. Basic upkeep for a small site can start at £100/month, scaling up based on the scope of services. Check out the costs of our WordPress Maintenances Packages.

The Repercussions of Neglect

Neglecting your website’s maintenance can have dire consequences. Outdated software might slow down your site or, worse, make it a target for hackers. The aftermath can range from diminished site performance to total inaccessibility, contingent on its original construction and hosting.

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

For those utilising WordPress, here’s a concise maintenance checklist:

  • Ensure WordPress core is current.
  • Regularly update and audit plugins.
  • Stay updated with the template/theme framework.
  • Conduct malware scans, such as with the Wordfence security plugin.
  • Periodically review main pages for discrepancies.
  • Ensure the hosting platform uses the latest PHP version.
  • Regularly backup the database.

Adhering to this monthly routine will help ensure your WordPress site remains seamless and efficient.

In Conclusion

Regular website maintenance is akin to servicing a vehicle. It’s about ensuring every part runs smoothly, preventing potential issues, and optimising performance. If your website requires an upgrade or a bit of tender loving care, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals in the field. Your online presence deserves the best!

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