Web Design for Financial Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Financial Services Web Design

Ever wondered why some financial services websites captivate your attention while others just don’t seem to click? It’s often down to the web design. But what makes a financial website stand out?

The Importance of Web Design in Financial Services

First Impressions Count

Think of a website as the digital shopfront of a business. How would you react to a bank with a dishevelled exterior? That’s right, you’d probably think twice before entrusting your money there. Similarly, a poorly designed website can make potential clients sceptical about the credibility of the financial service provider.

Enhancing User Experience

Ease of use isn’t just a bonus; it’s a necessity. With an industry as intricate as finance, users crave simplicity and clarity. An intuitive website design aids potential clients in finding the information they need swiftly, without the unnecessary hustle and bustle.

Key Elements of Financial Services Web Design

Trust Symbols and Certifications

Would you hand over your money to someone in an alley, or would you prefer a certified financial institution? Similarly, showcasing certifications, partnerships, and trust symbols can enhance your website’s reliability. Whether these are logos from a panel of insurers that you work with, or a certification that your business has achieved, they play a vital role in earning the trust of the user.

Reassured - Financial Services Website
See how many trust factors Life Insurance broker Reassured make visible high on their homepage? Showing their Trustpilot reviews alongside reputable Insurance providers is a sure way to generate trust.

User-friendly Navigation

Ever felt like you were in a maze when trying to find information online? A structured navigation system ensures users can find what they’re looking for, without the headache.

Relevant, Compliant Content

Why do most of us prefer conversing with humans over robots? Because we crave personal connections and relevant information. Websites should offer content tailored to the user’s needs, utilising a tone that feels personalised and engaging. Having financial advisors or brokers contributing content to the site can can add a really personal, trusting feel to the site.

In what is one of the most heavily regulated industries out there, ensuring your content is compliant is a must. Consider your internal process for compliance checking your site, and checking any time new content is added.


In the competitive financial sector, having a polished website isn’t the end game. It’s about making sure it’s seen. SEO, often referred to as Search Engine Optimisation, is that guiding star. It ensures that when folks search for financial services, your website doesn’t get marooned in the vast digital expanse. Through content optimisation, relevant keyword inclusion, and a keen focus on mobile-responsive design, financial institutions elevate their online visibility.

Climbing up the search engine ranks not only amplifies organic traffic but also strengthens trustworthiness. After all, a spot on the search engine’s prime real estate – its first page – is a testament to a financial institution’s digital acumen in a fiercely competitive market. Read our 15 point guide to SEO writing to improve your skills.

Trending Designs in the Financial Sector

Minimalistic Layouts

Less is more, they say. And in the financial sector, this statement rings especially true. With information overload being a genuine concern, minimalistic designs offer clarity and focus. Now is not the time for maximalism (unless you’re Lings Cars…).

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Due to the large sales values generally attached to financial services products, it’s a hugely competitive industry. Ensuring that you can convert a user that visits your site is of upmost importance. This can be achieve by conversion rate optimisation – work aimed at increasing the percentage of users that take a desired action on your site (generally a contact/quote form on an FS site). The key is to offer the user a clear and frictionless way to take the next step. These could be:

  • A clear and prominent contact form
  • An obvious phone number, showing opening hours
  • A call-back form, allowing the user to select a time to receive a call from you.
  • A live chat, where the user can have an instant conversation with an operator from your business
Callback Form
A call-back form allows the user to specify a suitable time to receive a call-back from you. These leads are usually very high quality.

Data Visualisation

Numbers, numbers everywhere, but not a chart in sight? Financial data can be overwhelming. But through infographics and visual data representation, complex data transforms into digestible pieces of information. Educating the user can often be the key to getting that conversion or sale. If they feel they have the knowledge and understanding of the product, they are more likely to pull the trigger – especially if that knowledge has been provided by you.

Web Security: A Must for Financial Services Websites

SSL Certificates

Would you send a secret message via a postcard? Probably not. An SSL certificate ensures that the information exchanged between the user and the website remains confidential.

Regular Updates

Remember the old house in your road that’s falling apart because no one cares for it? Websites can deteriorate similarly. Regular updates ensure smooth functionality and enhanced security.

Content Updates

Just like how we need to learn new things to keep up with the world, websites need to stay updated to remain relevant. Ensuring your content is up to date is vital. This can also help stay compliant in what is a heavily regulated industry.

Security Patches

Ever patched up a hole in your favourite pair of jeans? Websites sometimes develop vulnerabilities that need ‘patching’ to prevent cyber-attacks. This can generally be avoided by ensuring your site and any third party plugins it uses are kept up to date.

Cost Factors in Financial Services Web Design

Customisation Complexity

Bespoke suits cost more than off-the-rack ones. Similarly, the more customised a website is, the higher the design costs. Any extra functionality, such as integrating with your sales CRM can also add additional cost.

HubSpot CRM
HubSpot CRM is a popular Customer Relationship Management tool that can be integrated with a contact form on a website.

Regular Maintenance

Like cars, websites need regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This includes updates, security patches, and addressing any technical glitches. Often it can cost more in the long run if you don’t keep your site maintained. Read more about the hidden costs of an outdated website.


Web design in financial services is a delicate balance between aesthetics, functionality, and security. By understanding the essentials, financial services businesses can create a website that’s not only captivating but also secure and user-friendly. Focussing on generating quality, insightful content and offering the user clear ways to proceed will help gain an advantage over your competitors. After all, in the digital age, your website is often the first touchpoint for potential clients.

One of the reasons I started JustClickGo was to help design and build websites that not only look great, but also convert users into sales. Book an intro call with us today to find out how we can help you.


A website acts as the digital face of a business. Just as a bank’s appearance matters, a well-designed website assures potential clients about the credibility of the financial service provider.

With the complexity of finance, users seek clarity and simplicity. An intuitive design helps clients find information they need quickly without complications.

Showcasing certifications, partnerships, and trust symbols enhance a website’s reliability. These elements help earn user trust by indicating the site’s authenticity and commitment.

Structured navigation prevents users from feeling lost and ensures they can quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Personalised and engaging content tailored to user needs offers a connection. Having financial advisors or brokers contribute can add a trusting feel. Plus, in a regulated industry, compliant content is crucial.

Minimalistic layouts offer clarity. Conversion Rate Optimisation focuses on increasing user actions, and data visualisation turns complex financial data into understandable information.

Financial websites deal with sensitive information. Features like SSL certificates keep user-website data exchanges confidential, and regular updates along with security patches maintain functionality and guard against vulnerabilities.

Staying updated is critical for relevance and compliance, especially in a regulated industry.

Customisation complexity and regular maintenance play significant roles in determining the cost. Integrating additional functionalities can also increase the price.

By focusing on quality content, clear user pathways, and maintaining a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and security, websites can captivate users while being secure and user-friendly.

JustClick Go are a Guildford, Surrey based web design agency offering a quick and easy way to get a bespoke, SEO optimised website.

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